Courses include the teachings of First and Second Generation Disciples of the Late Lam Sang

Comprehensive from the Fundamental body posture, footwork, and 18 Defensive and Offensive Hands, Chi Sao Sticky Hands, to the single man shadowboxing forms of Som Bo Gin, Um Hon, and Eighteen Point, to the 8 Advanced Two Man Sets of Loose Hands 1 & 2, Som Bo Gin, 108 Subset, Um Hon 1& 2, Mui Fa, and 18.

Fundamental Training

  • Online or DVD Fundamentals
    Volumes 1 – 9
  • Short Course:  10 Elbow Strokes |
    10 Hand Hooks
  • 18 Buddha Hands Abridged

Intermediate Training

  • Online or DVD Intermediate
    Volume 10:  Chi Sao, Trapping, Passoffs

Single Man Shadow Boxing Forms Online

  • Som Bo Gin First Generation
  • Som Bo Gin Second Generation
  • Um Hon Shadowboxing
  • Eighteen Point First Generation
  • Eighteen Point Second Generation

Advanced Two Man Forms Online

  • Loose Hands One
  • Som Bo Gin
  • Loose Hands Two
  • 108 Subset
  • Um Hon One
  • Um Hon Two
  • Mui Fa Plum Flower
  • Eighteen Buddhas

Start today with the Fundamental DVDs Volume One – Nine18 Buddha Hands Abridged,  Volume Ten Chi Sao, and the currently available Advanced Online Courses.

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VOLs 1 – 9 Fundamentals
18 Buddha Hands Abridged
Volume Ten Chi Sao
Advanced Online Courses