Online Courses Are Step by Step with Daily Training Outlined

USA Kwongsai Mantis

Fundamental Training

Intermediate Training

Single Man Shadow Boxing Forms

  • Som Bo Gin First Generation
  • Som Bo Gin Second Generation
  • Um Hon Shadowboxing
  • Eighteen Point First Generation
  • Eighteen Point Second Generation

Advanced Two Man Forms

  • Loose Hands One
  • Som Bo Gin
  • Loose Hands Two
  • 108 Subset
  • Um Hon One
  • Um Hon Two
  • Mui Fa Plum Flower
  • Eighteen Buddhas

China Kwongsai Mantis

Refer to the USA Kwongsai Mantis Courses for Fundamental and Two Man Training. Fundamental Training 

Single Man Shadowboxing Forms

Chu Gar Mantis

Fundamental Training

Intermediate Training

  • Dui Jong Two Man Methods 1 – 9

Single Man Shadow Boxing Forms

  • Jik Bo Straight Steps Four Corners
  • Som Bo Gin Hard Bridge
  • Som Bo Gin Soft Bridge
  • Som Gin Yu Kiu
  • Say Mun Short
  • Say Mun Long
  • Say Mun Ging Ging
  • Pin Kiu
  • Pai Kiu
  • Cross Section Form
  • Fut Sao
  • Wu Tanglang Xia Shan Fu

Fundamentals are the Key to Advanced Boxing

Fundamentals are the Key to Advanced Boxing

It is strongly advised that you should train the Fundamental body posture, footwork, and 18 Defensive and Offensive Hands and Chi Sao Sticky Hands as listed in Fundamentals prior to taking any online courses.

Without the Fundamentals, Shadowboxing is just beating the air.

Without the Fundamentals, you will not achieve the essence of Hakka Mantis Boxing: Root, Feeling Hand, Target Practice.

Understanding and Ability

Our goal is for you to have an expert understanding and ability in Hakka Mantis Boxing from the three Branches.

Courses are designed to deliver content, manage your training, and assess and analyze your progress.  

The understanding we can provide.   Your ability depends upon your effort over time.

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