One-on-One Lessons with RDH

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu

A great way to accelerate your progress!
Face to face focus on the skills you are learning Online now, correction and adjustment of specific skills you have already trained, and advice toward your future expertise of
Hakka Mantis boxing.

Limited Time and Schedule

Using the technology of the future we may be able to preserve the teachings of the past.  Tools like the Internet and Skype make it easy to receive personal instruction no matter where you are in the world.

If you don’t know how to Skype, look it up or contact me using the form below.  We can review, discuss, and adjust your training with one goal – for you to have an expert understanding and ability in Hakka Mantis Boxing from the three Branches.

It is possible to teach you new skills by Skype but all training comes by self-study first.  Train the Online Courses and then we can use Skype to reinforce and accelerate your progress.   -RDH

Skype Time:
Contact me to arrange a schedule.  I have a limited time for Skype, but I welcome you, if you have a long-term interest, to become an expert, of Hakka Mantis Boxing.

Skype Tuition:

$72  for a one-off 30 minute lesson
$108  for a one-off 60 minute lesson

Tuition adjustments are available when booking more lessons.
Email correspondence and follow up between lessons anytime, as usual.

Include your proper name, location, preferred Skype time, and the Online Course you are currently training.