DVD: Tien Tao Qigong Complete Course on DVD — PDF Files


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Qigong Internal Work

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Online Courses

Hakka Mantis Boxing International Online Courses

Tien Tao Chi Kung Internal Work:  Heaven’s Way of Longevity

DVD:  Complete Correspondence Program – PDF Files – Chapter by Chapter

Concentrate, Cultivate, Circulate / Internal Breath Control

  • DVD Data Disc Shipped ($312.00 No S/H) Contains Complete Program, in PDF Chapter Files  |  Includes Instant Dowload of Complete Course One PDF Now  |  Certificate of Completion  |  And DVD entitles Level One – Nine Online Courses FREE, after Enrollment
  • Translated from Chinese to English. Easy to read, clearly illustrated step by step instruction – 36 Internal Breath Control Methods.
  • Each month you train 4 methods.  Complete the 36 methods, in nine months. 

LEVEL ONE through LEVEL NINE teaches 36 essential, intermediate, and advanced breath control methods.  Tuition has not changed, since 1985!

Since your first correspondence with me, I have given up caffeine and sugar.  Many times during training, I can feel heat (similar to water flowing) to my hands and feet” — Richmond, KY

Written and published by RDH, circa 1983 – 1985, while living in Taiwan, China. 10,000’s of Students   |   More than 47 Countries International   |   The Original Correspondence Program © 1985


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