Online Fundamental Courses — Volume Eleven – Loose Hands One: Two Man Set


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Volume Eleven teaches the first Advanced Two Man Set

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu

Fundamental Skills are the most important.  Chi Sao Sticky Hand is
Intermediate training before the Advanced Two Man sets.


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This Online Course is taken directly from the Fundamentals DVDs – presented in 640 x 480 Web Format

Volume Eleven:  Loose Hands One:  The First Two Man Set

This film teaches the first basic two man set taught to completion.   Loose Hands One is the first of eight two man sets taught during the first three years of training.   Loose Hands One emphasizes following the opponents power and counter-skills to “get loose – get free” of the opponents offense.  The complete form is comprised of three sections and contains many of the basic hands, footwork, calisthenic and kicking skills taught in Volumes One – Nine.  Section One includes crescent kicking, down and ups and sweeping.  Section two includes double kicking, sticky elbows, clawing, sweeping takedowns and counter.  Section three includes side kick, back round kick, hammer fist and arm bars. 

  • First of eight advanced two man forms
  • Loose Hands Set Principles
  • Relax – relax – completely relax
  • No anticipation – no telegraph
  • Correct footwork
  • Correct form – mimic seniors
  • Offense – defense as one
  • No power at first
  • Gradual power increase
  • Nothing for show – all for use
  • Practice remembering sequence
  • Both sides – one form

Prerequisite training Volumes 1- 10.  Tuition $136.

Tuition represents a minimum three months training on Volume Eleven.  This is the First of Eight advanced Two Man sets.

SPM011-OC  (60 minutes)

Fundamental to Advanced Training

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu

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