DVD Volume Six – Same Hand / Opposite Hand Attacks


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Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu

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Volume Six:  Same Hand / Opposite Hand Attacks

Continuing from volume five, one next practices:

  • loosening the 3 hands of the mantis arm with second and third power circling
  • 10 elbow strokes to shorten the in-fighting
  • defend and attack with the same hand in one motion, fixed and stepping
  • simultaneous centerline defense (mor, gwak, foun)
  • attack with the opposite hand both static and stepping
  • turning power and speed of the basic centerline skills is then further refined by the 3 star hooking hands exercise.

SPM006 – (60 minutes)

Fundamental Training

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu

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    By Robert on March 14, 2015 – Verified Purchase

    This in my opinion is good.

    Sure the graphics are outdated but there aren’t a whole lot of schools in mantis kungfu that offer correspondence classes!

    As for the lessons themself, its very detailed. Good job.

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