DVD Volume Seven – Sai Shu, Sik Shu, Jik (Chun) Shu


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Fundamentals:  The Most Important

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu

Without the Fundamental Training you will not achieve the essence of
Hakka Mantis Boxing:   Root, Feeling Hand, Target Practice.


Product Description

Volume Seven:  Sai Shu, Sik Shu, Jik (Chun) Shu

Following volume six you learn to further:

  • attack and defend the centerline with more of the eighteen basic skills
  • Sai Shu, the roller arm (jik-sai; sai-gao; sai-pai)
  • Sik Shu, the eating hand (sik-pai)
  • Jik Shu straight strike (the most efficient mantis hand; upper-lower; same side-opposite side)
  • application of chop and circle step
  • walking the horse akimbo
  • two man horse stepping
  • opposite punch and kicking

SPM007 – (60 minutes)

Fundamental Training

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu

Southern Praying Mantis Video Correspondence Progam – Since 1997!

More than 15 Countries Internationally!


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    By Robert on March 14, 2015 – Verified Purchase

    This in my opinion is good.

    Sure the graphics are outdated but there aren’t a whole lot of schools in mantis kungfu that offer correspondence classes!

    As for the lessons themself, its very detailed. Good job.

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