DVD Volume One – Fundamentals


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Fundamentals:  The Most Important

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu

Without the Fundamental Training you will not achieve the essence of
Hakka Mantis Boxing:   Root, Feeling Hand, Target Practice.


Product Description

Volume One:  Fundamentals; The Most Important

This most important film in the series is the beginning and end of southern mantis training. Beginning with this video will ensure an excellent understanding and the ability to reach a high level of skill. Without the understanding and practice in this film, you will not reach your full potential.

Taught are Principles of:

  • centering
  • rooting
  • forward momentum
  • centerline offense and defense
  • opening the horse stance
  • chop step
  • turn arounds
  • circle step
  • advance step
  • calisthentic work
  • song of the mantis body posture
  • kicking skills (3 step kick, front kick, side kick, monkey kick, 4 corners kicking, Lah Sao Kicking)

Begin your Hakka Southern Mantis training, with this film.

SPM001  (90 minutes)

Fundamental Training: The Most Important

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu

Southern Praying Mantis Video Correspondence Progam – Since 1997!

More than 15 Countries Internationally!

Fundamental Training: The Most Important


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    By Mike Addison on November 15, 2015

    Rare treasure, and very well built instruction series on: Southern Praying Mantis.

    Mr. Hagood has produced a treasure for martial artist with this series of rare Southern Praying Mantis.

    His videos are clear and easy to follow.

    Even though videos are not as good as personal instruction; Mr. Hagood has provided a basics to advanced curriculum on par with a University Study of this subject.

    I highly encourage serious martial artist to purchase this series. It will definitely be one of your greatest treasures.

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