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China Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Mantis, Som Gin Yu Kiu Form

 Som Gin Yu Sao  —  Online Course
“shake, rock, wave, turn, wag”


9 Days  |  36 Video Lessons
This Course teaches the Essential ‘Yu Sao’ Form

Now You Can Learn Online, Step by Step, Daily Lessons

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Online Course Overview

Som Gin Yu Sao or Som Gin Yu Kiu?

Literal meanings for ‘Som Gin’ are three steps forward, three arrows, or three scissors, depending on the written character. All can be found in Hakka Mantis.

Yu Sao or Kiu: Yu translated means ‘shake, rock, wave, turn, wag’. Sao is ‘hand’. Kiu is ‘bridge’. The bridge between you and your opponent will usually be the arm and hand 70% of the time.  Remember the Mantis saying, ‘when skillful, then the whole body is a hand’.

Hence, this Form ‘Yu Sao’ is the skill of vibrating force like shaking, rocking, waving, turning, and wagging which throws off the opponent and uproots his balance while striking with fists and fingers and kicks like arrows flying.

Chu Gar ‘Yu Sao’ and China Kwongsai Comparative Analysis

The Som Gin Yu Sao, is a completely different Form in Chu Gar and China Kwongsai Mantis. And it does not exist in USA Kwongsai Mantis or Iron Ox Mantis.

In Chu Gar ‘Yu Sao’ is generally taught as the second Form training. In China Kwongsai Mantis, it may be taught as the fourth or fifth Form with ‘Say Mun Four Doors’ Form sometimes taught before ‘Yu Sao’.

‘Yu Sao’ is sometimes thought of as a Single Bridge Form, but in fact, it is both Single Bridge and Double Bridge training. This applies to both Chu Gar and China Kwongsai Mantis.

The Chu Gar ‘Yu Sao’ typically does not have kicking skills, whereas, one may see a single low right kick or left kick or a double low kick or even a ‘running three low Buddha kicks’ to the inside of the shins.

Anecdote: Chu Gar and China Kwongsai Form training begins exactly opposite regarding single and double bridge training. China Kwongsai Mantis begins Form training with the single bridge ‘Dan Zhuang’ whereas, Chu Gar begins Form training with the Double Bridge ‘Sombogin’ Form. The second Form training, in China Kwongsai, is the opposite beginning the double bridge ‘Shuang Zhuang’ Form whereas, Chu Gar 2nd Form teaches the single bridge ‘Som Gin Yu Sao’.

Chu Gar 1st Form                            China Kwongsai 1st Form                            
Double Bridge ‘Sombogin‘                   Single Bridge ‘Dan Zhuang’

Chu Gar 2nd Form                         China Kwongsai 2nd Form
Single Bridge ‘Yu Sao’                          Double Bridge ‘Shuang Zhuang’

Form Analysis

China Kwongsai Som Gin Yu Sao is a complex Form utilizing 90 degree shifting footwork, four corner diagonal footwork patterns, circular turn arounds, side stepping, straight line chasing steps together with basic, intermediate, and advanced hand skills such as ‘Three Stars’, Jung Sao Uppercuts, Pao Sao Throwing Out Elbows, Linked Phoenix – Hammer Fists with Pai Sao Knife Hand strikes to name a few.

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Som Gin Yu Sao Essential and Old Forms are the next progressive step from China Kwongsai Dan Zhuang, Shuang Zhuang, and Som Jian Forms.

Prerequisites – Followup Next Courses

Prerequisite Courses: Dan Zhuang, Shuang Zhuang, Som Jian

Followup Next Course: China Kwongsai Som Gin Yu Sao Old Form

RDH Recommended – China Kwongsai Yu Sao is an excellent Form with unique Skills

All the Hakka Mantis Courses Online Forms are taught in a progressive step by step, bite sized chunks, with transmission from A – Z beginning to advanced. Usually the later advanced forms are more complex and involve footwork patterns that maybe circular, diagonal, zig-zag, etc, whereas the beginning forms are usually straight line and turn arounds.

This Yu Sao Form is recommended.  It is an excellent form expressing varied boxing skills, complex footwork patterns, and internal sink, float, swallow, and spit.  It is one of my favorite and enjoyable training routines.  Like all your Hakka Mantis Courses Online this Yu Sao form is broken down step by step, section by section to make your Form training useful.

Guided by Warrior Spirit, ability with Mantis Boxing skills, understanding Hard and Soft distinctions, one will arrive, at the Hakka Mantis essence: Rooting in the feet, Feeling in the hand, and ability to strike vital points, at will.

Your ultimate ability will depend, upon the depth, of your understanding.  Do not limit yourself.  Train the Three Branches, of Hakka Mantis.  Understand the 1st and 2nd Generation differences.  Gain an ability, with the Hard and Soft Powers, of the Fundamental Skills.  Instill the Mantis posture and powers, within the Mantis shapes, with all the Shadowboxing sets.  Refine your Hakka Mantis, with the Advanced Two Man Training Forms.

Enroll and Start training this Course today.  You have nothing to lose, but your understanding of Southern Praying Mantis. 


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