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David Engstrom asked 5 months ago

I’ve thoroughly enjoying playing Dan Zhuang. When practicing the Buddha hand sequence. does the left foot ever come forward or does only the right lead get played? Are there variations in foot work, handwork, tempo etc…?

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Administrator Staff answered 5 months ago

DAN ZHUANG or any form, is just a standard – like a name for a skill – something everyone can be on the same page with – not all forms train their complete possibilities or potential.  They are sometimes just some letters from the alphabet that can be rearranged to make different words and phrases. 

In other words, you should, not only could and can, train DAN ZHUANG on the right horse only, left horse only, alternating horse only but add also any of the 24 FOOTWORK methods in VOL NINE and any other hand skills, kicks, sweeps, stomps. 

Think of the FORMS as a basic lattice work and frame upon which you can blossom your MANTIS WORK.  We need to keep and pass on the original frame work, but that is just the beginning.