Forum QuestionsCategory: Course QuestionsTOO MANY COURSES – Where Do I Start?
Administrator Staff asked 12 months ago

Most people will be confined to learning one Branch, from one Clan, of Hakka Mantis, in their own local area, if lucky.

That is why the ONLINE COURSES may seem to have so many Skill Sets – it is HAKKA MANTIS – THREE BRANCHES – And MANY CLANS! The ONLINE COURSES are HAKKA MANTIS – ONE ROOT – THREE BRANCHES – and a much broader than usual overview!

“3 useful skills are better than 10 just for show” – but, to gain one’s best ability, one shouldn’t limit his understanding.

You must study and train all the COURSES (Fundamentals – Advanced – Books), as they are available, to gain a broad understanding and the big picture.

There isn’t enough time in a day, to train every skill daily.  Just follow step by step, COURSE by COURSE, until you complete all the TRANSMISSIONS.

After you have trained all the COURSES, you can go back and concentrate / specialize on which skills suit you best, or suit your need.

You cannot have a full understanding of Hakka Mantis, until you have gained an understanding and ability, of the Hakka Mantis Three Branches – One Root.