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tyjobu asked 1 year ago

Among the many Mantis teachers, uncles, elders and brothers you have known, who among them have cultivated the most surprising or advanced levels of Martial skills?

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RDH Answer:
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There are no supermen.  Hakka Mantis men are family men, business men, and citizens – everyday people.  They were born into Hakka Mantis or they choose it, for a reason.  For as many Hakka Mantis Men exists, there are as many reasons they choose to train – every one is different.  Each person’s advancement and skill depends on his own effort.  Some people have natural talent and skill comes easy.  Some people must work harder to attain their goal.

Generally advancement, in skill level, is simply a matter of regular training, over a protracted time.  Each person can attain their best with each skill, by their own effort.  No two people will reach the same ability.

This saying applies: “If you compare yourself to others, you may become vain or bitter;  for always there will be lesser and greater persons than yourself.”

He who is best, is he who works best for the betterment of all.  There is no head of Hakka Mantis, only heirs.