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Administrator Staff asked 1 year ago
Dear Hagood Sifu,

First let me say, I love how you have the courses broken into daily sections.   The way you demonstrate is very clear and precise.
Right now I am using a IPad and is working great. I am actually using my iPad with Apple TV to watch on my Big screen in my Kwoon.

I train daily with the material. It has proved a valuable resource. I have no recommendations for site improvement. 
I have found it to run smoothly.

My best advice to anyone interested in the Courses, is to start at the beginning and do not skip ahead as each phase 
of training builds upon skills developed in the previous section. 

Daily practice is most effective with a little study and a LOT of repetition. This solidifies the motions in the long term 
memory as well as muscle memory.

Course prices are very reasonable. They contain plenty of clear, easy to follow information for any student wishing 
to build a solid foundation in the art, as well as a practitioner wishing to fill in gaps and hone their skills.

I find the daily section format uniquely helpful over most other online courses and video series. The ability to 
skip back and review makes in depth training much easier.

Kind regards,


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Administrator Staff answered 1 year ago

Thank you Ryan!