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Did you ever reach an impasse in your Martial training and if so how did you overcome it?

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RDH Answer:
I once opened a Southern Mantis Club, at the University of Minnesota, circa 1980.  I had some dedicated students, mostly Chinese and Korean, it seems now.  There were others.

I first began, circa age 10, training Judo, after intervening, in a rape, by a 19 year man and 16 year old girl.  She was in a large grassy field begging for help.  There were 4 of us 10 years old boys and I was the only one who ran to help.  I’m not sure why I did that.  She escaped.  The 19 year old beat me pulpy, but six months later committed suicide, by hanging.  I went home that day 3B: black, blue, and bloody.

My day said, son, you better start Chinese Kungfu immediately.  But, there was only Judo.  I trained Judo, age 10, for a year or two while training TDK simultaneously.  At 11 or 12, I met my Hawaiian Kenpo teacher.  And never looked back.

We all reach impasses.  Life is yin and yang – circadian rhythms – up and down – lunar – solar – cycles upon cycles.  The hardest part is resuming training after a lay away – so best is just use IRON WILL – WARRIOR INTENT – do only what is necessary.  Avoid the excess.  No excuses.  The secret as said, is keep regular daily training and over time you will become expert, at the skills, not matter what is your natural talent.

When you lay off – just start again – when you stop, and reach the bottom, then it is time to return to training, go back to the start.  What you will, is what you become.  Pick a path early and follow it.  Don’t be a ship without a rudder.  Keep constant on the north star!  If you like Hakka Mantis, then train it as regularly, as your time and body allows.

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Thank You Sifu