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David Engstrom asked 6 months ago

When you look at the Southern martial arts, how do you compare SPM with let\’s say Bak Mei or Wing Chun? Is there a comparison? Do they share the same \”meat and potatoes?

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Administrator Staff answered 6 months ago

Well, the real meat and potatoes of MANTIS are:  ROOT, FEELING HAND, TARGET PRACTICE.  
Root is based on correct body posture and breathing.  Feeling hand comes from the 18 Hands (solo and paired training), and target practice is striking with the soul, with spirit and intuition.  When these are correct, then any sequence of skills becomes a form.  FORMS are just strings of skills. 

Having trained both BAK MEI and WING CHUN and other Southern Styles, MANTIS stands out for simplicity and sophistication of techniques.  There truly is a real kungfu that can be developed, not just beating the air or shadowboxing.  One thing I have heard repeatedly from students who train with me personally, is “one could never imagine what rooting and feeling hand feels like, until they experience it hand to hand with you”.  I’ve heard it from 7’3″ big guys down to the smallest.
And it is possible to obtain and attain these – I’ve seen the most awkward people acquire the skills over a few years of training.  And have seen some 5′ tall players attain a solid root, that makes it hard to push around.