Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu

Video Miscellanies

Once a year, I endeavor to make an Annual Friendship Tour here, in Hong Kong and China.  As many Clans of Hakka Mantis that are free all come together for Mantis, a meal, and Brother-Friendship.  Below are some video notes from various occasions. …RDH

Yuanzhou Town Chu Gar Mantis

Xie Tian Sheng Sifu’s School

RDH Talks Mantis

RDH plays free style China and USA Kwongsai and Chu Gar Mantis at Xie Tian Sheng Sifu’s Chu Gar Wuguan (left arm had a broken bicep and tendons)

Huizhou City Chu Gar Mantis

Lao Sui’s Family and Disciples

Sifus Chen Jianming, Ma Jiuhua, Xei Tiansheng play Chu Gar Som Bo Gin from Ma Mingsen.  Ma Mingsen was married to Lao Sui’s daughter, circa 1930s.  Ma Jiuhua is Lao Sui’s grandson.  In China, today, the Lao Sui and Ma family still live together.  Chen Sifu and RDH opened the first public Chu Gar Wuguan (School), in Huizhou City, 2013.

Hong Kong First Generation Chu Gar Mantis

Anthony Chan Sifu

Chu Kai Ming First Generation

Lao Sui’s Chu Gar Mantis

Special thanks to Anthony Chan Sifu, for his transmission. He shared preliminary work, warm-ups, horse, fundamentals, basic 12 hands, and forms of his branch, Lao Sui first generation, Chu Gar Mantis, with me, to give to you.