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New Course Added: USA (Lam Sang) Som Bo Gin 2nd Generation Form

Day One Training

Instructional Videos In this Lesson:

A:  Fic Sao Warmup R, L, ALT /  Circle Hands Chop Steps R, L, ALT

B:  Salute – Stomp – Hat Yi Sao / Salute 3 Gate Stomp – Hat Yi Sao

C:  Salute Stomp Opening Sequence to Gop – Jik / 3 Gate Salute – Opening Sequence to Gop – Jik

D:  Ancillary – Double Bridge Jik, Bil, Gok, Tiger’s Mouth to Phoenix Gop / Jik, Bil, Gok Phoenix Gop (also single bridge), R, L, ALT

E:  Ancillary – Double 5 Gings Tiger-Phoenix Gop Jik Right Step  / Same with Phoenix Gop / Left Side / ALT

F:  Form from Beginning –  3 Gate Stomp Salute – Opening Sequence – 1, 2, 3 Steps Forward – 5 Short Powers

Day Two Training

Instructional Videos In this Lesson:

A:  Ancillary Double Circle Hands / Circle Hands & Lop Sao – Double Short Jik Strikes – No Steps – With Half Steps Back & Up, R, L, ALT – 9 or 18 repetitions

B:  Double Circle Hands – Jik – Trap Gow Choy – Jik – Bil – Gop – Jik – No Steps – With Half Steps / Also Left Side – 9 or 18 repetitions

C:  Form From the Beginning – Salute, Opening Sequence, 3 Step Powers, Double Circles Gow – Jik – Bil – 9 or 18 repetitions

Day Three Training

Instructional Videos In this Lesson:

A: Ancillary – Gwak Sao – Gow Choy, No Step & Half Steps

B: Ancillary – 3 Gok – Sai – Gow – Ping, R – L – ALT, (Gwak – Gow – 3 Gok – Sai – Gow – Ping)

C: Ancillary – Ping – Sic – Gwak – Ping / Ping- Gwak – Ping L – R – ALT – Double Bridge

D: Double Circle Hands & Circle Steps, R – L – ALT

E: Three Point Turn – No Steps / Half Steps

F: Line 2 from the Beginning – From Three Point Turn – 3 Steps Forward – 5 Ging Powers

G: Form from the Beginning

Day Four Training

Instructional Videos In this Lesson:

A: Double Circle Hands & Double Chop Sao, No Steps – Half Steps, R – L – ALT, Jik-Choc-Chop Sao, R – L – ALT

B: Double Circle Hands – Chop Sao / Bao Zhang (Mosquito Catch) Gow – Jik – Bil – Gop – Jik (No Steps – Half Steps – R-L-ALT)

C: Han Shu L – R- ALT, Three Point Turnaround

D: Line Two Complete from Line One Turnaround

E: Form from the Beginning – Line One and Two

Day Five Training

Instructional Videos In this Lesson:

A: Ancillary – Dan Zhuang – Jik Gop Gwak / Fic Sic Gwak Fic / No Steps – Half Steps, R-L-ALT

B: Ancillary Jik – Outer Gow Choy – Lop Sao Stomp Step and Jik Opposite, L – R – ALT

C: One Arm – Three Hands: Jik-Bil-Gok-Gow-Bil-Gop-Jik, Single & Double Bridge, R – L – ALT

D: (First Power Yuan Sao Circle Hands) – (Jik- Outer Yuan – Jik) – (Jik – Inner Yuan – Jik) – (Jik – Outer Yuan – Gop – Jik) – (Outer – Yuan – Gop – Gwak – Jik), No Steps – Half Steps – Jik

E: Fic – Sic – Gwak – Fic – 1st Power Yuan Sao x2, R-L-ALT

F: (Shung – Har – Jung) Double Bridge Fic – Gwak – Fic, No Step – Half Steps, R-L-ALT

G: Line 3 Complete as One

H: Form from the Beginning, Line One, Two, Three – L – R

Day Six Training

Instructional Videos In this Lesson:

A:  Completion of Form from the Beginning

B:  Course Complete | Congratulations – Mantis On!

Course Description

Some say the beginning and the end of Southern Praying Mantis is the Som Bo Gin single man form.  The meaning, of this, is this shadowboxing form embodies the principles and contains the fundamental skills, which enable one to build a rock solid foundation.  Learn what those skills are, in this Course. 

Som Bo Gin is nothing mysterious, as a form training.   You can say the distance of a cow lying down, fists fly with the speed of arrows, combat should begin and end within three steps and other similes, but the meaning is very simple;  Som Bo Gin refers to three fronts of defense–up, down, and middle (shung-har-jung) and left, right, and center (zuo, you, qian).  Three steps forward with three fronts of defense. 

However, the result of genuine Som Bo Gin Shadowboxing can lead to a mysterious result:  Rooting in stance, the ability to feel and use the opponent’s force against him, and the ability to strike the opponent’s vital points, at will.  This 2nd Generation USA Kwongsai form is an integral skill, in your understanding of Hakka Mantis and another gem, in your Hakka Mantis treasure chest.  

Your ultimate ability will depend, upon the depth, of your understanding.  Do not limit yourself.  Train the Three Branches, of Hakka Mantis.  Understand the 1st and 2nd Generation differences.  Gain an ability, with the Hard and Soft Powers, of the Fundamental Skills.  Instill the Mantis posture and powers, within the Mantis shapes, with all the Shadowboxing sets.  Refine your Hakka Mantis, with the Advanced Two Man Training Forms.

Enroll and Start training this Course today. You have nothing to lose, but your understanding of Southern Praying Mantis.  

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