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Eng Sibok Visits Hong Kong – Interview

Eng Sibok Visits Hong Kong, June 2019

USA Kwongsai Mantis Interview

Hakka Mantis Boxing International Online CoursesEng Sibok, RDH, Simu and Friend, Hong Kong, June 29, 2019

Jesse Eng Sibok (Elder Uncle), 83, is a 1st Generation Lam Sang Inner Gate disciple, New York City Chinatown.  From the early 1990s, we remain close today and talk regularly.  He has taught a handful of students and declined to teach more.  He and his family and I (RDH, 63) just visited again, in Hong Kong, June 29, 2019.   Below, are videos and an interview from over the years.

2005 Hong Kong – Eng Sibok Plays 18 Point Form

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Jesse Eng Sibok, Interview 2011, Hong Kong

Lam reaches New York Chinatown

RDH: What year did Lam Sang arrive in New York City?

JES: I think it was 1957?

RDH: No, you guys were in Seattle in 57 and 58.

JES: Then 54′ or 55′ maybe. I started in Kun Ying (Heroes) Assn., the Hakka People’s Association. I asked Lam Sifu, to learn from him.

RDH: You asked him. Well, that’s good.

JES: He said, OK, you come. Pak Lim was the big brother. I think it was Pak On who took me in. If two go in at the same time, you go by the age. So I was the youngest, of all.

2011 Hong Kong – Eng Sibok Plays 3 and 18

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Monkey and Uncle Chan

RDH: I remember the story about Lam Sang Sifu and Uncle Chan, who was Kun Ying Association Sifu when Lam Sang arrived.

JES: Yeah. Lam Sifu was smoking big cigar sitting on a bench cross-legged and Chan, Uncle Chan sad, you look like a little monkey.   So from that day, he was known as monkey. Uncle Chan asked him, I am the Kung Fu teacher in the Kun Ying Fung.  If you can pass my hand, I will everyday carry your baggage for the rest of your life. And they tried it and then boom! Lam Sifu hit Uncle Chan, on the head.  And then they told me Uncle Chan only learned Mor Sao Grinding Hand from Lam Sang.

We were young students and with Mor Sao and Phoenix Punch, Uncle Chan could hang us all up on the wall.

But later, after we learned more, after we learned the soft power, then Uncle Chan couldn’t do it again.

RDH: Did he really carry, my Si Gong, your Sifu Lam’s suitcase everywhere?

JES: That I really don’t know.  Well, we all carried some stuff for Lam Sifu.

2016 NYC – Eng Sibok Plays 18 Point Form

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Training Sombogin and Eighteen Points

RDH: I see your double fist coming out – isn’t that too wide already?

JES: But when it is played wider, it’s not really hitting anyone, just a little wider to pull the power from the navel.

RDH: When you learned the 18, did he show you how to play the form first?

JES: Yes.

RDH: And then later he told you which point and what 18 points?

JES: He did but I have forgotten the points! 

JES: Yeah. It’s like three moves to a point, but that’s all he told me, three moves to a point.

RDH: And the three moves to a point, the meaning is that you use your power, he uses your power and you turn to the point.

JES: The point. Yeah, that’s right.

RDH: I know the first and second generation are not the same. Second generation, didn’t use monkey step, in 18.

1992 NYC – Eng Sibok and Pai – Sombogin

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Training 108 Long Form

RDH: And at that time, the 108 is one long two man form.

JES: Yeah.

RDH: It’s not a single man form?

JES: No single man 108 form, in my generation.

RDH: No single man form. And did he ever say to you that the whole of Hakka Mantis, is coming from the 108?

JES: Yes.

RDH: And could you see it in the way you trained 108, could you find everything, inside the 108?

JES: Yes.

RDH: And the 18, also?

JES: And 18. Sifu said, you don’t really need to learn the 108, because everything is already inside 18. Som Bo Gin is the hard training and 18 is the soft training.

2019 Hong Kong – Eng Sibok Plays Fic Sao

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Train for Self-Defense, Brother-Friendship, and Cultural Promotion

JES:  When Sifu felt good, he loved to go to the horse races! And then we disciples would put some more money, in his pockets and he’d go back to play the horses the next day!

JES:  And he always came along and you would notice he doesn’t really look like a tough Sifu like everybody else.  But, you don’t mess around with him.

JES:  Only when he feels good would we mess around with him!

JES:  Yeah. That’s how it was you know, I mean it was good.  We had a lot of fun.  We respected him like a father.  Like a real Sifu.


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