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2016 SpringQuick Update

Som Bo Gin Instructional Releases Coming

In this Quick Update:

  • New Online Instruction Coming
  • New Thoughts on a Hakka Mantis Blog
  • Dr. Andre Aleman Trains in Pingshan



Coming later this year, Som Bo Gin Shadowboxing (Single Man Forms) from USA Kwongsai Mantis, China Kwongsai Mantis, as well as Chu Gar Mantis, will be available in step by step Instruction.  This includes their First Generation and Second Generation Teachings including Hard Bridge and Soft Bridge boxing.

There are some 10 new Courses to be released.

Stay subscribed and you will receive notice later this year when they become available.


Hakka Southern Mantis Blog

Sean W. Robinson has been training Hakka Mantis, privately in China, for the last 3 years.   A life-long martial artist, he has lived the world over and trained in styles like Yip Sui’s Chow Gar, Japanese martial arts, and Indian Styles. 

He has started a blog to share his thoughts on Hakka Mantis.

Have a read here and feel free to contact him : 



Above:  Dawan Hakka Dwelling and Museum is where we train in Pingshan Town.  It was built in 1791, by a Hakka, surnamed Zeng, from Shandong Province.
Dr. Andre Aleman from Holland, made his second visit this month to train Hakka Mantis, in China.  Andre is a Neuroscientist and University Professor who also teaches Japanese Martial Art in Holland.  We look forward to seeing him again soon as he continues to blossom Hakka Mantis Boxing in the Netherlands.


Above:  Dr. Aleman (left) and Sean W. Robinson (PhD candidate) at the Dawan Hakka Dwelling and Museum in Pingshan Town, May of this year.  Sean has attained Hakka Mantis Instructor credentials in three years of private training.


Stay subscribed for the upcoming new Release updates.  The new Courses will be useful instruction with a comparative analysis of the various Clan’s Hakka Mantis shadowboxing!

Drop me a line or come to train at the Dawan Hakka Museum soon!

Enjoy your late Spring Hakka Mantis training! 


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