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Hakka Mantis Courses Online — Now Available Summer 2018

Good News! Hakka Mantis Courses Online has gone live on the first day of Summer 2018!

Initial Course offerings are Chu Gar Mantis 12 Basics, China Kwongsai Mantis Dan Zhuang, Shuang Zhuang, and Som Jian Steps and Scissors and … more!  Join us now!

There are some 36 Single Man Forms of Hakka Mantis to be offered by HAKKA MANTIS COURSES ONLINE.  To gain a full understanding you should start from the beginning and follow the ONLINE COURSES step by step just as you would in a regular Hakka Mantis School. Take them all as they become available!  New Courses added monthly.

Enroll, Take A Course, and Train Daily Lessons. Get started now!

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