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Natural & Refined Strength

Lik (li) is the natural strength a man’s body possesses. It is his physical constitution and it varies from person to person. Sometimes a smaller person is naturally stronger than a larger person and sometimes the larger person is not naturally strong. In the case of one’s Lik (natural strength) size is not always an indicator.

Ging (jing) is based on the Lik (natural strength) of person but it is not natural. It is a refined strength, a strength that is acquired after special training.

Think of the body builder. He has both lik and ging. His natural strength (lik) is due to his body size and his refined strength (ging) is developed in the movement of lifting weights. Therefore, his ging is useful in moving weights, but not in other actions. This is why different people with different daily lives have different lik and ging. The person who digs ditches with a shovel will develop a refined power (ging) that allows him the greatest ease and comfort at shovelling.

So it is that in martial art, we develop ging or refined power after special training. And we can see that the better our (lik) natural strength the greater our refined strength will also be. Today, we can hear of so many kinds of ging, particularly in Tai Chi or the so called “internal arts” that it may sound confusing. (And in many cases, I do believe the practicers are confused).  Simply stated, each

   Background Image:  The oldest Jook Lum Temple, Shanxi Province, Wu Tai (Five Peaks Mountain)   

Happy Holidays!  Train New Skills, in 2019!

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis KungfuHakka Southern Praying Mantis KungfuHakka Southern Praying Mantis KungfuHakka Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu