Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu

RDH – Lao Sui Clan – New Chu Gar School

 Huizhou Southern Mantis Boxing Association

Huizhou Southern Mantis Boxing Association

Chen Jianming, age 56

RDH, age 57

Huizhou, Guangdong, China
Lao Sui’s Hometown

Traditional Chinese Wuguan (Martial Art School) Teaching Hakka Mantis:  Chu Gar and Jook Lum Temple

2013, Open Six Days a Week;  Day and Evening Classes;
Local & International Students Accepted;  Accomodations Available


Preserving and Promoting Traditional Hakka Mantis 100 Years Onward in the Hometowns!

At Sifu Chen Jianming’s request, RDH Sifu has teamed-up to open a new traditional martial art wuguan (school) teaching Chu Gar and Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis in the hometown of Lao Sui.  Chen Sifu is the leader of Chu Gar Clan #1 and the 5th generation in Lao Sui’s hometown, Huizhou.

RDH is from the USA and has been living off and on in China and Asia for more than 37 years.  RDH started martial arts training in 1967 and has been focused on Southern Praying Mantis since 1976.  He is a pupil by ceremony of both Chu Gar and Kwongsai Mantis.  He has more than 1,000 international students and is a publisher of martial art books, magazines and DVDs in more than 45 countries.

Under the banner of the Huizhou Southern Mantis Boxing Association, this new traditional martial art school will open its doors to local and foreign students alike.  Local students may train daily and foreign students may reserve accomodations for a week or extended stays.

The teaching is traditional Hakka Mantis:  Chu Gar and Kwongsai Mantis.

This website will open soon.  Check back often.  And success in your Hakka Mantis training!  Make your reservation and train with us today!

Coming Soon:
Newest Book Release
A rare bilingual (English-Chinese) treatise of Lao Sui’s Chu Gar Southern Mantis boxing inside China!
Meet Lao Sui’s family and Chu Gar Mantis pupils in Lao Sui’s hometown. Exclusive historical photographs. Origins, history and practices of Chu Gar Mantis as told by Lao Sui’s family and others. Chu Gar, Chow Gar and Dongjiang East River Mantis clarification. Details released for the first time – never before published.
  • Lao Sui and Hakka Mantis on the Map; A Wondering Medicine Man; Lao Sui Finds Chu Gar Mantis Under a Bridge; Stories of Chu Gar History; History as told by Lao Sui’s Family; Chu Gar Mantis School of Lao Sui;
  • Chu Gar Boxing Basic Skills Pictorial
  • Ma Jiu Hua Sifu; Chen Jian Ming Sifu; Xie Tian Sheng Sifu
  • Images from Lao Sui’s Hometown; Lao Sui Lore
  • Form Training Pictorial: Som Bo Gin Shadowboxing Form; Som Gin Yu Kiu Shadowboxing Form
  • Interactive Book and Online Videos! Links on page 164
  • Book Details:   Hardcover, Premium Full Color, 168 pages, 136+ Photographs, Bilingual: English-Chinese, Library archive quality, and more!For those with the slightest interest in Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu, the name of Lao Sui holds the mystique of an old fashioned kungfu master who was revered by all to the extent he is often referred to as a “Canton Tiger.” Lao Sui’s legacy in China has always been called Chu Gar Mantis, just as it is today! Discover the Southern Mantis legacy of Lao Sui in China today! Get your copy now.
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Lao Sui Clan 2:  Chu Gar Wedding Bells!
May saw wedding bells (hopefully not wedding bell blues) for a student of Chu Gar Sifu Xie Tiansheng in Yanzhou.  A banquet with several hundreds of people concluded the affair which was also attended by Chu Gar Clan leaders, Chen Jianming, Ma Jiuhua, Xie Tiansheng and RDH.  Below are a few pics.
 Second from Right – Ma Sifu, RDH, Chen Sifu, Xie Sifu
A traditional Chinese Wedding is a festive affair complete with fireworks
and plenty of spirits
Cola and Malt Vinegar replaced the alcohol at our Mantis table!
There is a definite camaraderie among the active Clans of Lao Sui’s family and pupils.  It is one for all and all for one!  Esprit de corp was the rule of the day.
Sifu Lam Hau Kit Kwongsai Mantis and Unicorn
Special thanks to Lam Hau Kit Sifu and Brother Raymond Yan for the Tam Kang Festival photos and videos.  Google “Tam Kang Festival Hong Kong” for details about this annual event.  More of Lam Sifu and the Shau Kei Wan history of Chung Yel Chong (Zhang Yaozong) coming.
Left:  Lam Hau Kit Sifu – Shaukeiwan, Hong Kong
Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Mantis, Right:  Sifu Raymond Yan, Lam Pupil
Lam Sifu (Left) is a strong force in Hong Kong Kwongsai Mantis and Hakka Unicorn
Lam Hau Kit Sifu (center) with Kwongsai Mantis Sifu Lee Kwok Leung and his son Sifu Patrick Lee
Sifu Lam Hau Kit is a regular patron of Hong Kong’s Famous “Kungfu Corner” Festivals
Videos featuring Lam Sifu’s Kwongsai Mantis and Unicorn Troupe are forthcoming – Check back often!