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Wall Chart – 18 Points of Internal Work Nei Kung

Download and Print at your Local Copy Shop!   12″ x 18″

Add this Wall Chart to your School or Training Room wall.  Excellent instructions, at a glance.  Good for the Novice, Apprentice, or Teacher!

Wall-Chart Poster

  • 18 Points of Nei Kung Internal Work 
  • Louie Jack Man Sifu – Hat Yi Sao Beggar’s Hands
  • 12″ x 18″ Standard Print Size

Instructional Wall Chart

Useful Wall Charts for School or Training Room walls

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Hakka Mantis Instructional Wall Charts

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In all things ‘natural’ is best.  Don’t use too much mental tension or physical tension.  You can train a ‘3 – 5 minutes Internal Work Exercise’ daily for 100 consecutive days.  Keep a daily log of your training.  If you miss one day – start over and complete 100 consecutive days without fail.  Train to remember all 18 Points without viewing the Wall Chart.

Download and stand in front of the 18 POINTS OF INTERNAL WORK CHART –

and adjust yourself #1 – #18, for a short time daily – 100 days without fail – this will ingrain these principles into your psyche and posture.  Point #2 – add “Grip the ground with toes”.

Adopt the Hat Yi Sao posture shown on the Chart or any or all the postures shown, in the Hakka Mantis Pictorial Book.

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