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China Update – 3/10/20 – Keep Well

RDH – From Pingshan Town

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Well, I have to say I have been amazed at the speed and depth of security and precaution, re. the virus that the .gov here, in China, was able and is still taking country wide.  It is doing a great job I feel.  I saw one American, in the news, who returned to the USA from China and said he felt 100x more protected in China, than in the USA today. The important thing is just be cautious and conscious of the contagion.  I don’t want to be wearing face masks in the summer.  It is cool here and yesterday I went out to buy some absolute necessities (ice cream, potato chips, ketchup) and the face mask is always troublesome and hot!

I suit up with clothes that are put on and removed on the balcony (not worn back indoors) and face masks and throw away gloves anytime going outdoors.  Schools and shops are closed – no construction going on – side streets are closed with only main streets open – all complexes have security checkpoints with temperature checks and every person has to have QR code to check through.  Quite a feat of strength on the .gov and everyone’s part!

Current news reports here that there are more recovered patients now, than newly infected.

Keep Virus Free and use your Mantis to Keep Fit!  See the links below:

CDC —  Get Ready for the Virus  CDC —  Steps when Sick with the Virus

AARP —  What You Need to Know  Yahoo —  Stock Up for Emergencies

USA State by State Virus News  Virus International — Click Any Country

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