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Kwongsai Yu Sao Update Added

“Shake, Rock, Wave, Turn, Wag”
Day 2B Updated with 5 & 7 Stroke Diagonals

Youtube Training Note

If you are training China Kwongsai Yu Sao, then go back now to add and train the 7 Stroke Addendum to Day 2B Lesson!

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10 Days – 50 Video Lessons
9 Defensive – 9 Offensive  |  Linked Hands
Single & Two Man  |  3 Steps – Four Corners

This Online Course replaces VOL 9B
which was not released, and additionally includes Ping, Bao, Jung, and Han Sao hands not covered and in more detail, than VOLs 1 – 9 Fundamentals.

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The Perennial Dit Da Clinic and Apothecary is Refurbished Anew

Wong Yu Hua, Sifu

Hakka Mantis Courses OnlineHakka Mantis Courses OnlineHakka Mantis Courses OnlineHakka Mantis Courses OnlineHakka Mantis Courses Online

Updated Wong Yu Hua, Sifu, Interview and Video of the
New Guang Wu Tong Martial Hall Coming Next

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Past Wong Sifu Interview Here

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As transmitted from Late Chu Kai Ming Sifu to Anthony Chan Sifu

This FORM is useful to recall and train the 12 Combination Hand Skills.  It has 4 lines or sections followed by the end or closing which is the same as Som Bo Gin form. The 1st line is defending attacks from the outer door. 2nd line is defending attacks on the center line. 3rd line is Yu Kiu technique and combinations in forwards and diagonals.

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Hakka Mantis Courses OnlineUSA KWONGSAI UM HON

As transmitted from Late Gin Foon Mark Sifu

In this Course, I will teach you how this shadowboxing form relates, in Hakka Mantis.  After Som Bo Gin, this was the second shadowboxing form taught by Gin Foon Mark, Sifu, in the late 1970s, early 80s.  In addition, to this single man shadowboxing form, there are two very nice, advanced sets, of Um Hon Two Man Form training.  Look for those, on this site also.

Um Hon Form tools include sweeps, simultaneous kick and punch, monkey horse, double bridge defense, sticky elbows, diagonal steps, lion rolls the ball, and beak strikes, to mention a few.

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Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu

From Chan Sifu, Hong Kong, July 2021:

Please send my best regards to (the) mantis brothers.  

The techniques are different from other school though we all are Lao Sui s lineage.  If you practice with a partner you can find out that the order of the techniques are scientific and systematic. Eg. 捋抖押  Sequence corresponds to the 口訣 桥来桥上过无桥自造桥 and you can understand that’s why we use beggar hands as our on guard etc. Anyway it is a good technique to be treasured.  Hope one day chu gar mantis will be well known again.  Thanks again for saving the ancient art. Best wishes!
*Special Thanks and Acknowledgments to Chan Sifu! … RDH

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  • Eric Lewis

    Sifu, I’m always amazed at all the knowledge and experience you have yet to transmit! It’s always a good thing when the possibility and opportunity for obtaining more, deeper and better understanding is presented. Opportunities that anyone would be foolish and remiss to let escape us and pass us by. Opportunities that may not present themselves again.
    Thank you for the opportunities.

  • Dale Dugas

    Shifu Thank you for all that you do for Hakka Mantis. No one else is giving this material as much attention as you. You are covering all levels and showing us how to better and gain real skills. Thank you!

    • Site Admin

      Dear Dale,

      You are welcome. It is the goal I set for myself, in the 1970s – to understand Hakka Mantis fully and teach the Art. I’m happy to share my teachings. I enjoy Hakka Mantis boxing.

      You can breakdown forms, into lesson/ sequences… you don’t need to train the entire form as one. More important is the breakdown. See below.

      I usually don’t debate about who can whip who or what is better than the other. But, I’ll write a few thoughts.

      First and foremost is fighting for survival is a heavenly instinct. MMA and other martial art competitions are restricted sports. Anytime you hit another you have stepped across a heavenly line. Two tigers meet on the mountain and both go their own way knowing that survival requires one to be killed and the other seriously maimed.

      Mantis isn’t lacking, it is just you have to make a full study. Being here you are headed in the right direction. When I say ‘you’ I mean anyone.

      I’ve had 42 challenge matches many if not most, ending in blood and broken bones – Mantis has served me well.

      MMA is popular but Mantis is not suffering lack of interest worldwide. There are some 316 Mantis students and teachers from world wide now who are on the Mantis Courses Site 24/7 and the interest is steadily growing. I can view live world wide traffic, on the Site, 24/7. USA is up to 71% of students, with UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Australia, etc etc following. There are about 1500 Mantis subscribers / followers on Youtube etc now. It is a low count but the interest is still growing. Mantis isn’t dying. And Especially in the Mantis Hometowns. I suspect other traditional arts still hold a growing interest. Not everyone is in favor MMA and Sport martial arts.

      At 65, my combat days are over. I train for health and cultural promotion. Self-defense is wiser now – I don’t put myself in situations where I will need to defend myself or others. Ha! In fact, I rarely go out! 🙂

      The 108 TWO MAN is an endless number of advanced USEFUL skills. Mantis has genuine benefit over sport boxing – it can develop real ‘KUNGFU’ skills – it is possible to develop a DEEP ROOTED stance that feels immovable – it can develop the genuine ability to contact, stick and follow and turn back the opponent’s power to him and it can develop target practice to vital areas such as eyes, throat with fingers and knuckles beyond just flailing fists swinging wildly. These are real skills that can be developed and transmitted but they are best felt instead of talked about. Talking about fighting skills is useless. Like piling up broken bricks and tying useless knots.

      Its my hope that you’ll gain a full understanding an ability with the big picture of Hakka Mantis. That means knowing and making your own the USA Kwongsai Mantis, China Kwongsai Mantis, Chu Gar, and eventually I would like to share some private Courses about the Iron Ox. That is for the serious Mantis man though! One thing is for sure! Mantis is not for everyone! 🙂

      Train the YU SAO. Just spend 36 or 72 or 108 reps on each Video Lesson. You don’t need to train the entire form as one. The importance of Form is to train the individual skills. However, many run through a form and never really ingrain the skills – so one skill or 3-5 move sequences are more important than the Form.

      Good on you to YU SAO onward!

  • Dale Dugas

    Very happy to see Wong Yu Hua Shifu and his clinic open again.

    • Site Admin

      Dear Dale,

      Yes, the clinic has never closed but has been renovated and upgraded several times, over the years. It has a steady stream of patients with two or three dit da doctors – practitioners on staff. Wong Sifu doesn’t treat patients himself, but does often take apprentices who then intern, in his clinic. He spends his mornings, at the Peace Road Clinic and his evenings, at the New Residence and Kwong Wu Tong Mantis School.

      The new place is a 5 storey Mansion with a separate building for the Mantis School. I’ll be going to interview Wong later this month and will post, in the news column, footage of the new School and his interview! He lives a first class Kwongsai Mantis – Dit Da lifestyle. His life is devoted to the two-fold path of Kwongsai Wushu – Yishu: Mantis and Medicine. He has an old manuscript of Som Dot’s medicinal recipes that has been handed down to him!

      Keep well. Mantis On!