In Memoriam — Mr. Lam Jee Fung

Hong Kong, May 2020

Mr. Lam Jee Fung Passes

The son of late USA Kwongsai Mantis Sifu, Lam Sang, passed on age 84, after a short bout of liver illness.  He did not suffer severely and passed away peacefully, in Hong Kong, on May 2.  He is survived by his wife and daughter and an extended family.

Lam Jee Fung completed his University studies, in the 1960s, and was a teacher of Chinese literature and history, in the Hong Kong school system. With his family, he immigrated to Australia, after retirement.  His hobbies included reading, basketball, ping pong, and calligraphy.  Smile because he lived.  Cherish his memory and let it live on.