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Hakka Mantis Courses

Hakka Mantis Boxing International

William Gapinski

Pencak Silat

Sean Robinson

Hakka Mantis


Hard Crane Kungfu

Erlend Kristoffersen

Hakka and Fujian fist arts

Hello. Im 35 years old. Dedicated to hakka and fujianese arts.

Charles Clemens

leisure living

I started martial arts training with boxing, back in 1972, to improve my hockey game.  In 1989, I began training Shorin-Ryu karate, then learned Kong Jing, 8 Pieces of Brocade, Tien Tao Chi Gong, Yang Tai Chi, Isshin Ryu, Goju Ryu, Tai Kwon Do, and Shiho Karano Ryu.  Since destroying both rotator cuffs by trying to learn to use 9-Ring Broadswords, my training has been reduced to gentler, internal training.  I enjoy seated chi kung, meditation, and dipping my toes into Hakka Mantis via this website.

Dr. Dale Dugas

South Mantis

Carlos Hanson

Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method

While Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method has been my focus since 2011, I have since learned about Hakka Mantis and have found that I really like it. I will maintain my Taiji, but will work to improve my understanding and knowledge of Hakka Mantis.

Bernard Langan

Chinese Kung Fu

I have studied martial and restorative arts intensively for over 34 years and I am an instructor and practitioner of Ba Gua, Hsing-I, Chen Pan Ling style Tai Chi, I Liq Chuan (a Hakka Internal Art from Maylaysia), Pentjak Silat, Visayan Eskrima, Taoist Nei Gung and Chi Gung.  I have a particular interest in the a fields of Bodywork, Movement Education and Biomechanics.  As various arts developed in response to one another - I enjoy doing extensive cross-discipline research in martial, meditative, healing and movement systems. I strive to clearly articulate the synthesis of this knowledge and impart these skills to sincere students;  respecting each system, and maintaining their integrity as separate disciplines.  Currently I am training as a student in White Crane, Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu, San Gen Kai under Dan Harden and Shastar Vidiya a Northern Indian Martial Art. I have a thriving full time clinical practice and teaching studio in the San Francisco Bay Area - Oakland CA.  - I have a particular fascination and affinity with Hakka systems and am excited about being a part of this training program.

Justin Bouse

Baguazhang, Xinyiliuhe, Taiji, Choy Lee Fut.

Reilly Hanson

Hakka Mantis

David Engstrom

Non Classical Gung Fu

Robert Levin

Jeet Kune Do & Wu Tai Chi

My special THANKS goes out to the Hakka People, for sharing this remarkable fighting/health system.

Belinda Kay

Hawaiian Kenpo

James Hill

7 Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu

Jesse Sibok

USA Kwongsai Mantis

Lam Sang First Generation

Robert Townsend

Hakka Mantis

I have trained in different martial arts and various forms of self-defense since the 1970s. However, from the early 1980's up until today I have been a student of Hakka Mantis ( Initially, I was taught by a student of Sifu GinFoonMark in the early 1980s. In 2000, I became a video correspondence student of   Sifu Hagood.  The video correspondence program was terminated after Sifu Hagood moved to China. Therefore I traveled from New Jersey to train under Sifu Louie Jack Man somewhere between 2001-2003 in Philadephia, PA . Sifu Louie was still at the school but no longer teaching students.   However, his top student was instructing so I trained under him for that duration. I have remained one of Sifu Hagood's many correspondence students ever since 2000.

Russ Smith

Pak Mei


Wing Chun

Ortwin Pötter

Naam Tong Long - Wing Chun - Ba Ji Quan

I’ve been practicing Chinese Martial Arts for more than 40 years and I specialized in close combat styles. Since 1999 I’m learning Ba Ji Quan from Shifu Adam Hsu. I live and teach in Berlin, Germany and I'm the founder of Ba Ji Quan - Germany.

Ryan Goins

Hakka Kuen


Didier Fargier

ip shui chowgar mantis

Mike Baza

Boxing/ Knife

Corey Moran

Previous training in Wing Chun (詠春), Jow Ga (周家), and Yau Kung Mun (柔功門).

Mark Hamann

Hakka Mantis

Roger Wills

Southern Praying Mantis


Bill Chan

South Mantis - Mark Gin Foon

John Strobel


Looking to expand my knowledge. Have trained Hapkido for some time and some Wushu Kung Fu.

Tyler Rea

Hakka Kung Fu

Tyler Rea has practiced martial arts for over 30 years and has received international acclaim for his training manuals and videos.  Sifu Rea specializes in the study of Chinese and Southeast Asian Martial arts with an extreme focus on the Martial systems of the Hakka people.   In addition to his martial endeavors, Rea has professional experience in the fields of Advertising, Publishing, Digital media and video production spanning 28 years.  He has also applied these skills extensively in the fields of Healthcare, Digital Advertising, Marketing,  Publishing and for nonprofit organizations.

Michael Gregorski

Tong Long

Feeling very fortunate for the opportunity to dive deep into Hakka Mantis!

Andre Aleman


I have trained several martial arts since age 13 and hold black belts in karate (Okinawa shorin ryu) and Japanese jiu-jitsu. A couple of years ago I started training in hakka mantis kung fu under the guidance of RDH sifu. I paid visits to the Shenzhen (China) area and trained in person with sifu, which was a great experience that I can recommend anyone interested in learning in-depth from the source.