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Hakka Mantis Courses

Hakka Mantis Boxing International

Wu Wei1

Southern Mantis

Bruce Kemp

tai chi

Mark Hamann

Hakka Mantis

Mike Baza

Boxing/ Knife

Wijuck Jitpakdi

Tai chi and TKD

3rd dan TKD
Tai chi beginner

James Tsang

Hung Kuen Practitioner

I’ve studied Hung Kuen, Choy Li Fut, Wing Chun, 7 Star Praying Mantis, but primarily practiced Hung Kuen for 40 plus years specializing in the Iron Wire Form I credit for maintaining my health. Early years growing up in NYC as a Kung-Fu student and martial arts enthusiast I was exposed to Kwong Sai Jook Lum Nam Tong Long by way of a friend who introduced me to some fundamentals of the style and shared with me fascinating stories of Grand Master Lam Seng. Later I’d sought additional instruction at the Chinese Freemason Athletic Association and while I’d learned additional fundamentals life happens and I chose not to pursue further opportunities to pursue studying Southern Praying Mantis. Yet the limited exposure I had to Southern Praying Mantis has remained with me through the years and continues to hold a special place in my heart.

Don Weiss

Yau Kung Mun

Started long ago with Hung Gar, then Yau Kung Mun. Now exploring a bit of SPM with Dale Dugas

Andre Aleman


I have trained several martial arts since age 13 and hold black belts in karate (Okinawa shorin ryu) and Japanese jiu-jitsu. A couple of years ago I started training in hakka mantis kung fu under the guidance of RDH sifu. I paid visits to the Shenzhen (China) area and trained in person with sifu, which was a great experience that I can recommend anyone interested in learning in-depth from the source.

Eric Lewis

Hakka Mantis

Ortwin Pötter

Naam Tong Long - Wing Chun - Ba Ji Quan

I’ve been practicing Chinese Martial Arts for more than 40 years and I specialized in close combat styles. Since 1999 I’m learning Ba Ji Quan from Shifu Adam Hsu. I live and teach in Berlin, Germany and I'm the founder of Ba Ji Quan - Germany.

Frank Perio

U.S. Kwongsai Jook Lum

After spending time in several martial arts, traditional american karate, taekwondo, western boxing, and wing chun, I find that souther praying mantis has a better balance of mind and body.  There isn't a school for this art anywhere close to me, so what information I study from is books, videos, and your video set.  Out of what I have, you have broken down the fundamentals in a way that makes it incredible easy to digest, and not have to decipher between fluff and usable content. I'm hoping this site will add to my current understand, and hope I can find someone in my local area to train with.

cj Ang

Hakka Mantis; YKS Wing Chun

Roger Wills

Southern Praying Mantis


Reilly Hanson

Hakka Mantis

Roy Meares

Long Fist & Northern Praying Mantis

Samuel Chapman

Kung Fu

I study Kwongsai Mantis, Chu Gar Mantis and  I liq Chuan.

Filip Alexius Joos

Uechi Ryu Okinawan Karate Do

Ulf Nilsson


I used to do the martial arts for many years. These last years not much have happened.
The southern mantis style has always been of great interest to me.
So when I decided to start to devote some time to martial arts again Im happy to find this great resource.



Tyler Rea

Hakka Kung Fu - Live Tong Long and Prosper!

Tyler Rea has practiced martial arts for over 30 years and has received international acclaim for his training manuals and videos.  Sifu Rea specializes in the study of Chinese and Southeast Asian Martial arts with an extreme focus on the Martial systems of the Hakka people.   In addition to his martial endeavors, Rea has professional experience in the fields of Advertising, Publishing, Digital media and video production spanning 28 years.  He has also applied these skills extensively in the fields of Healthcare, Digital Advertising, Marketing,  Publishing and for nonprofit organizations.

Justin Bean

Chow/Chu Gar Tonglong

I have trained in numerous martial arts/sports since 1991. I came across a local Mantis School in 2000.  I didn't start training back then but trained in a MMA school that was very Kungfu orientated and heavily influenced by SPMKF.  During this time, I took up other martials arts such as Taekwondo, Mixma Martial Arts, Yang Taiji, Chen Taiji, Bagua, Wingchun and then SPMKF in 2014.  I train often in soft and hard bridge gongs, as well as partner drills when I can.  I am currently not aligned with any particular linage or school, but look forward to training under the Hakka Mantis system.

Eddie Salas

Korean Tang so do/ Yang style taijichuan / Hsing-I / Baguazhang

Hi ,
My name is Eddie Salas i am 43 yrs young, in a previous life i was a builder , i love creating so that was the path i took. Thanks to a loving partner I currently am a nurturing father with 4 children and it's the best job in the world!!
My martial experience is as follows:

Huang Yan

Hakka Mantis

Belinda Kay

Hawaiian Kenpo

Charles Clemens

leisure living

I started martial arts training with boxing, back in 1972, to improve my hockey game.  In 1989, I began training Shorin-Ryu karate, then learned Kong Jing, 8 Pieces of Brocade, Tien Tao Chi Gong, Yang Tai Chi, Isshin Ryu, Goju Ryu, Tai Kwon Do, and Shiho Karano Ryu.  Since destroying both rotator cuffs by trying to learn to use 9-Ring Broadswords, my training has been reduced to gentler, internal training.  I enjoy seated chi kung, meditation, and dipping my toes into Hakka Mantis via this website.

Kevin Wikse


I am a lifelong martial artist and former circus strongman. I am happy I found Southern Mantis.

Darren Lovell

Darren Lovell


Hard Crane Kungfu

Ismael Rivera

Ship Pal Gi

Tom Hotz

kempo/shorin ryu karate

Thomas Mastroianni

Thomas Mastroianni

Russ Smith

Pak Mei

Carlos Hanson

Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method

While Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method has been my focus since 2011, I have since learned about Hakka Mantis and have found that I really like it. I will maintain my Taiji, but will work to improve my understanding and knowledge of Hakka Mantis.

William Nagy

Hakka praying mantis

Joshua Durham

Pak Mei. Wuzuquan.

Hi, My name is Joshua Durham. I am a retired Chief Gunners Mate of the United States Navy, and have been training in various arts since I was in late elementary school. Since joining the service I have primarily studied Chinese systems, and primarily focused on Pak Mei, and Wuzuquan of the Kan tek Guan lineage. of the 5 Ancestors systems, it is considered the most heavily influenced by White Crane and has been refered to as Yong Chun Baihe Wuzuquan by some. Have had the chance to train in a few "internal styles as well. Over the years have fallen in love with the Hakka systems, which seem to have kept more of their history, principles, and skill development compared to many arts, as well as having a morale code that is laid out fairly plainly. Looking forward to training and interacting with all.

Magnus Görner

Wing tsun


Dimitri Lambrinos


Im 37 , live in Illinois.  I've been practicing martial arts on and off since i was 14. I started in JKD and later trained in hebei xingyiquan which is my main style although ive dabbled in various styles over the years. My first exposure to southern mantis was training with a small group of chow gar guys. Something about the style just clicked with me, so im hoping to gain a little more knowledge of this system.

Ian Harp

Combat Baoding Shuai Jiao

Interested in Classical Chinese Culture. The study of classical Chinese medicine, with an eye towards correct point location (acupuncture), and diagnosis (face, pulse). At this point in my studies, i'm starting to understand how herbal, acupuncture/moxa compliment each other. My martial arts journey started when I started researching Dian Xue. I understand, that unless someone cultivates Martial virtues, understanding secrets on there own, are from a teacher will be in vain.
I had the pleasure to study Baoding Shuai Jiao under David Lin of Atlanta, Georgia. Combat, and practical application was stressed.

Ben Lord


South mantis hobbyist

Marcel van Rooijen

Hsiang Chia Mantis and Chu Gar mantis

Started in 1976 with Jiujitsu and Taekwondo. In 1980 I started with Shaolin Kempo (a mixed style of Shaolin Kungfu and Kuntao, brought from Indonesia to the Netherlands by Dutch/Indonesian immigrants in the 1950s). In 1982 I started to train Hsiang Chia Mantis in Germany. Other styles I trained in the Netherlands are Silat Tuo Minangkabau, Krav Maga, Taiji, Xingyi and Chu Gar Mantis. Although I like all styles I trained, my heart is with mantis boxing. Unfortunately, due to health problems I had to step back and cannot train in a class any longer. But as martial arts still fascinates me, I am still training alone the techniques and forms I learned in the earlier days.

Ryan Goins

Hakka Kuen

Just a fella finding his Inner Mantis.
Thanks to Hagood Sifu for making this glorious site.???

William Sholdice

Southern White Crane & Ip Man Wing Chun

Specialize in southern Chinese gong fu

Alan Little

Kenpo / Jujutsu

I will be 49 in a couple days (1/9/19). I recently opened a very small school in the suburbs of Detroit Michigan teaching Tracy's Kenpo Karate and lightsaber classes. I know lightsabers sound funny to many people but it is a lot of fun and is an inexpensive way to explore fencing styles from around the world.

Wade Munson

Aiki jujutsu

Bernard Langan

Chinese Kung Fu

I have studied martial and restorative arts intensively for over 34 years and I am an instructor and practitioner of Ba Gua, Hsing-I, Chen Pan Ling style Tai Chi, I Liq Chuan (a Hakka Internal Art from Maylaysia), Pentjak Silat, Visayan Eskrima, Taoist Nei Gung and Chi Gung.  I have a particular interest in the a fields of Bodywork, Movement Education and Biomechanics.  As various arts developed in response to one another - I enjoy doing extensive cross-discipline research in martial, meditative, healing and movement systems. I strive to clearly articulate the synthesis of this knowledge and impart these skills to sincere students;  respecting each system, and maintaining their integrity as separate disciplines.  Currently I am training as a student in White Crane, Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu, San Gen Kai under Dan Harden and Shastar Vidiya a Northern Indian Martial Art. I have a thriving full time clinical practice and teaching studio in the San Francisco Bay Area - Oakland CA.  - I have a particular fascination and affinity with Hakka systems and am excited about being a part of this training program.

Bill Chan

South Mantis - Mark Gin Foon

Richard Kollmar

Hakka Mantis

R. K. is a former Buddhist monk who leads contemplative walks & pilgrimages in the mountains of California's Central Coast & teaches meditation.  As a young man he trained in Naha-te (Okinawan Goju-ryu in the lineage of Miyagi Chojun). His scholarly work focuses on Contemplative Studies & the philosophy of consciousness.

Nathan Howard

KunTao and Hapkido

Chris Hayhurst

Long time CMA enthusiast

Erik Uher

Chu Gar

William Gapinski

Pencak Silat

Corey Moran

Previous training in Wing Chun (詠春), Jow Ga (周家), and Yau Kung Mun (柔功門).

David Engstrom

Non Classical Gung Fu

Robert Levin

Jeet Kune Do & Wu Tai Chi

My special THANKS goes out to the Hakka People, for sharing this remarkable fighting/health system.

Petros Karkaris

Hakka Mantis

My interest in Chinese Martial Arts has been keen and strong for the last 40 years of my life. I have trained in various styles of Kung fu specially Shaolin and in particular the Fukien Shaolin as taught by Rev. Shaolin Abbot Shi Gao Cun of Singapore. I knew about Hakka Martial Arts but I did not knew how powerful and rich they are. I m very glad to have found Shifu RDH and study with him every aspect of Hakka Mantis.

Faron Weeks

Interested in routine that would promote healing of my new right knee replacement.

Soumick Das

Wing chun

Thank you master

Robert Oney

Freestyle Boxing

Dave Chesser

CLF mantis crane

Long-term resident of Taiwan, gym owner for the past 11 years. Certed in choylifut, XYQ, BGZ, TJQ, krav maga, Libre knife fighting, etc. Been concentrating on southern styles like hung gar, crane, and mantis the past few years.

Erlend Kristoffersen

Hakka and Fujian fist arts

Hello. Im 35 years old. Dedicated to hakka and fujianese arts.

Viet Le


Charlotte Free

Bagua student


Nechita Vasile

Nechita Vasile

Are From Romania

James Hill

7 Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu

Shawn Hutson

Pak Mei/Hung Gar/Hop Gar

Angelo Rosini

Hakka Arts, Chinese Kuntao Silat, 5 Family 5 Animals Gung fu, American Kenpo, Internal Arts.

Philip Bridges

Southern Mantis, Muay Thai

Donald McNatt

wing chun

Robert T. Lee

Lam Sang Disciple

Ralph Young

Jook Lum Tong Long

I am a avid learner of Jook Lum since 1979.

Jesse Sibok

USA Kwongsai Mantis

Lam Sang First Generation

Robert Baria


Hi! I'm Rob. I love Martial Arts

Keith Myers

Hakka Mantis

Long-time Wing Chun and Kali player.  Also long-time interest in SPM.  Now training with instructor in Gin Foon Mark lineage.

Robert Townsend

Hakka Mantis

I have trained in different martial arts and various forms of self-defense since the 1970s. However, from the early 1980's up until today I have been a student of Hakka Mantis ( Initially, I was taught by a student of Sifu GinFoonMark in the early 1980s. In 2000, I became a video correspondence student of   Sifu Hagood.  The video correspondence program was terminated after Sifu Hagood moved to China. Therefore I traveled from New Jersey to train under Sifu Louie Jack Man somewhere between 2001-2003 in Philadephia, PA . Sifu Louie was still at the school but no longer teaching students.   However, his top student was instructing so I trained under him for that duration. I have remained one of Sifu Hagood's many correspondence students ever since 2000.

Sean Robinson

Hakka Mantis

Anthon Pang

I currently train in Ving Tsun ( and Kali/FMA (

Dr. Dale Dugas

South Mantis

I have known Shifu Hagood since he first published his MA magazines and his DLP (Distance Learning Program) in Hakka Mantis.
Meeting him in Boston at a workshop in the 90s, confirmed he has a high hand.
I have followed him since.

Sifu Jody

Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu

Erik Irsch

Kwongsai Mantis

Tim Schurig

Hakka Mantis

I am a married grandfather who still works full time as a Registered Nurse. I’ve been living a martial lifestyle since I was 12 years old. I have studied hundreds of arts but I’ve mostly focused on Chinese arts. I am looking forward to learning to understand Mantis.

Michael Gregorski

Tong Long

Feeling very fortunate for the opportunity to dive deep into Hakka Mantis!

Louis Adkins

Hsing Yi/ Taiji

Gordon Webster

Kwong Sai Jook Lum

My first teacher in Kung Fu was with William Chung, H’ung Gar style.  My second  teacher was with Sifu Harry Sun, Kwong Sai Jook Lum.  After my time with Sifu Harry Sun, I found no interest in other stlyes of Kung Fu.  Additional martial DVD studies, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, Taiji Chin Na. Since then I have been studying Chi Gong.  I have spent one weekend seminar with Li Jun Feng, Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong, two six day retreats with  Chunyi Lin, Spring Forest Qigong, and two three day events with Jeff Primak, Supreme Science Qigong.  Additional DVD study, Bamboo Mountain Chi Gong, Chan Mi Gong, Qinway Qigong, and Michael Winn’s home study courses on Healing Tao Qigong.

Kenneth Sohl

Uechi Ryu Karate

Way back in the late '80s when I lived in Florida,  I studied Jook Lum under Poo Yee for a while.  After he left,  I looked for something similar,  and,  ended up taking Uechi Ryu.  More recently,  after moving here to Tennessee,  I did some Bak Mei,  but,  though these other schools superficially look like Jook Lum,  they just don't have the same feel.  I'm basically looking for exercise at my age (58),  and,  over the years,  I've tried to practice what I remember,  but,  that didn't do the trick.  Now that I've found this site,  I'm going to take advantage of these new resources.  Thank you.

Justin Bouse

Baguazhang, Xinyiliuhe, Taiji, Choy Lee Fut.

John Strobel


Looking to expand my knowledge. Have trained Hapkido for some time and some Wushu Kung Fu.

Mário Silva

Hakka Mantis

Cody Stephens

Isshinryu Karate

I'm adding in a study of Hakka Mantis as a supplemental approach to my Isshinryu study.  I'm not looking for rank or the option to claim a place in lineage, only to grow as a martial artist.


Wing Chun

Yannic Stoll

Baji/Pigua - Lama Pai

Neil Winterbottom

Bagua, Taiji, Xingyi, I Liq Chuan

I've loved the Chinese martial arts for over 50 years and want to go on learning until I die. Only in the last 15 years or so have I come to appreciate the importance of the Southern Hakka arts - this looks like a good place to further my understanding of them and, I hope, my practice. Thanks for the opportunity!

Ty Durr

Pak Mei

Jon Man

Wing Chun

Darron Williams