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Hong Kong, China - Melting Pot of Hakka Mantis

Greetings from beautiful, sunny, South China!  I’m Roger D. Hagood, 65, in 2021.  If you are reading this, I likely was training Mantis, before you were born.  I started training martial art, in the 1960s.  I started training USA Kwongsai Hakka Mantis, with Louie Jack Man, in the 1970s.  I made ceremony to Mark Gin Foon, in 1980.  I first arrived at Hong Kong’s Chu Gar Mantis Door, in 1983.  I made Chu Gar ceremony to Gene Chen, in San Fran, circa 1988 and Cheng Wan Sifu, Hong Kong, 2002.   In 2013, with Chen Jianming, I opened the first public Chu Gar School, in Lao Sui’s hometown, Huizhou, China.   I’ve been coming to Pingshan, China, Hometown of China Kwongsai Mantis, since 1992.  And I’ve been living, training, and teaching Mantis, in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China, for more than 40 years.  Moreover, I haven’t left the Hometowns of Hakka Mantis, Pingshan and Huizhou, in the last 19 years!  Where are you?  I’ve been looking for you! Come here to Pingshan Town and join my class, in one of China’s largest Hakka Museums.  Your visit is welcome. Or you can save your fortune and start training traditional Hakka Mantis today, with my Hakka Mantis Boxing International Online Courses, DVDs, Books and materials.  Have you trained today?  Get started now!  

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My goal is for you to have an expert understanding and ability, in Hakka Mantis Boxing, from the three Branches. Come to China and train with us, in the Hakka Mantis Hometowns!  Email me, if you have questions. I welcome you all, beginners, Mantis students or teachers, or boxers from other styles, to train Courses, if you are of good conduct and a sound moral code. The Online Courses are designed to deliver content, manage your training, and assess and analyze your progress.   The understanding I can provide.   Your Mantis ability will depend, upon your effort over time.  Join the Hakka Mantis Boxing International Community.  Enroll and Take A Course Now. Welcome! RDHGuangdong, China

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