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How Do I Get Started?

You are welcome to join us!

Remember that Courses are Step by Step and the teaching is the same as a Regular Hakka Mantis School.   It is a progressive teaching from the Fundamentals to the Advanced.   For optimal benefit don’t skip any part or any course.   Skipping any part or course will result in a lesser understanding and ability.

How are the Courses delivered?

After enrolling and choosing a Course, you have immediate online access to begin training and courses are delivered in step by step outlines with a daily training schedule.  Fundamental Training (DVD Volumes 1-9), Intermediate Training (DVD Volume 10), and the First Advanced Two Man Form (DVD Volume 11) are delivered by USPS from the Las Vegas, USA area, or by Online Training.   You should train these as prerequisite to your online forms / shadowboxing training.

Show me an example of a Course and Lessons?

An example of the Som Bo Gin Shadowboxing Course:

  • Day One: Salute, Opening Sequence, One Power Strike
  • Day Two: Two Power Strike
  • Day Three: Three Power Strike
  • Day Four: Double Circles and Knees
  • Day Five: Gow Choy Hammer Fist
  • Day Six: Shung, Har, Jung
  • Day Seven: 3 Point Turnaround, etc.

And the Daily Lessons continue, until the form or skills are completed. Daily Lessons, include various Clan Sifu, comparative analysis of those Clans, multimedia teaching aids, full screen video, and concise step by step instructions teaching you exactly what to do and how many times to do it. Get Started now – Enroll. Add Enroll to Cart  |  $35.79

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A Little Time with Patience

Time in training determines one’s skill level.  And our reply. Remember – we are located in beautiful, sunny, South China and there is a time difference. Usually you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Dawan Dwellings in Pingshan New District

As one of China’s largest Hakka areas, Pingshan New District is a very interesting place.

With more than 220 years of human history, it is celebrated for its collection of Hakka houses, the most famous being the Dawan Dwellings which began construction, in 1791, during the reign of Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong.

Dawan, in the 1970s, was an Hakka people’s gated and enclosed community of over 200 families, more than 1,000 people in 400 rooms, halls, and courtyards totalling a prodigious 270,000 square feet. They all shared the same surname, Zeng. Pingshan may be considered the ‘Hometown’ of China’s Kwongsai Mantis and nearby Huizhou City is the hometown of Chu Gar Mantis. Both locations are Hakka Mantis enclaves. Join us at the Dawan Hakka Museum for Mantis boxing, in beautiful, sunny, South China.