Courses include the teachings of First and Second Generation Disciples of the Late Lao Sui.

Comprehensive from the Fundamental body posture, footwork, 12 Basic Hand Skills, 12 Combination Hand Skills, to the Dui Jong Two Man training, to single man shadowboxing forms. Fundamental Training

  • Fundamentals: Horse, Body Posture, Footwork
  • 12 Basic Hand Skills
  • 12 Combination Hand Skills
  • Short Course:  Salutes | Openings
    Guard Postures | Closing Sequences

Intermediate Training

  • Dui Jong Two Man Methods 1 – 9

Single Man Shadow Boxing Forms

  • Jik Bo
  • Som Bo Gin Hard Bridge
  • Som Bo Gin Soft Bridge
  • Som Gin Yu Kiu
  • Say Mun Short
  • Say Mun Long
  • Say Mun Ging Ging
  • Pin Kiu
  • Pai Kiu
  • Cross Section Form
  • Fut Sao
  • Wu Tanglang Xia Shan Fu

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