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Happy Holidays 2019!  Mantis Onward!

LIK & GING: Natural and Refined Strength

Lik (li) is the natural strength a man’s body possesses. It is his physical constitution and it varies from person to person. Sometimes a smaller person is naturally stronger than a larger person and sometimes the larger person is not naturally strong. In the case of one’s Lik (natural strength) size is not …

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Good News! Hakka Mantis Boxing International Membership is growing. And new Courses are being added for this Autumn Twenty Eighteen.  New Courses like USA Kwongsai Mantis Sombogin 1st Generation Shadowboxing Form and the Sombogin Advanced Two Man Form.

Coming Next is CHU GAR MANTIS 12 COMBINATION HAND SKILLS. And USA SOMBOGIN 2nd Generation.  Enroll, Take a Course, and Train Daily Lessons. Enjoy and benefit from training Hakka Mantis Boxing today!  You have nothing to lose but your understanding of Hakka Southern Praying Mantis!

Hakka Mantis Boxing International Online Courses

RDH Interview 001, by Tyler Rea — A Southern Mantis Retrospective – July 28, 2018

There are many local Hakka Martial Arts here, such as, Li Gar, Li Jia, Bak Mei, Dragon, etc. They all share some similarity, but I can only speak for Hakka Mantis.  As a general rule, we can say that Hakka Mantis uses a ‘high horse’, rib cage power, and ‘ging’ coiled explosive force.  The correct horse is heel to toe.  The back is slightly raised, like a hunch back, while the chest is concave and sunk inward.  The force comes from the ground, up the legs, through the back, and out to the fingertips…

Hakka Mantis Boxing International Online Courses

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Hakka Mantis Courses Online — Now Available Summer 2018

Good News! Hakka Mantis Courses Online has gone live on the first day of Summer 2018!

Initial Course offerings are Chu Gar Mantis 12 Basics, China Kwongsai Mantis Dan Zhuang, Shuang Zhuang, and Som
Gin Steps and Scissors and …

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Online Courses

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Pingshan Town – Chinese New Year 2018

This year’s Pingshan Town Chinese New Year Celebration was March 2nd and much of it similar to last year’s, with the addition of some cultural dancing and dignitaries.  (Last year video)

Wong Yu Hua Sifu was in charge and presented awards to the various Unicorn Troupes.  Because I left…

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Online Courses

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I have traveled to China and trained Hakka Mantis several times now, with RDH, face to face and by Skype Classes.   Learning Hakka Mantis on Skype may seem impossible, but approach it right and you will most definitely gain from the experience. 

There are a couple of things to prepare prior to class.  The first is a notebook and pen as RDH will correct as much as he can, and you will need to make notes of the corrections, as well as, variations that he will share.

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Uncle Eng and RDH in Hong Kong, 2017
From his early teenage years living with Lam Sang, in NYC, in the 1950s, until now, Jesse Eng has been rooted in the Mantis world.  He is trained in both Kwongsai Mantis and Chu Gar (Yip Sui).  60+ years on, he has passed his Mantis to only a very few.

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Online Courses

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Hakka Mantis boxing teaches to grit the teeth and scowl at the opponent, while appearing fierce and threatening, or to appear weak and lure the opponent into the Mantis trap.  Each has an advantage, but these are just strategies and must be implemented with boxing tactics. The maxim is ‘raise the spirit’ –  tactics or skills must be controlled by…

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Online Courses

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In this Article:
Philip Bridges Trains in Pingshan Town, with RDH
Yip’s Chow Gar Visits Lao Sui’s Chu Gar in January
Hakka Mantis Thriving in China February 2017
New Online Hakka Mantis Courses Upcoming
RDH – Balderdash & Gobbledygook

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu

Video Miscellanies

Once a year, I endeavor to make an Annual Friendship Tour here in Hong Kong and China. As many Clans of Hakka Mantis that are free all come together for Mantis, a meal, and Brother-Friendship. Below are some video notes from various occasions.

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu

RDH – Lao Sui Clan – New Chu Gar School

At Sifu Chen Jianming’s request, RDH Sifu has teamed-up to open a new traditional martial art wuguan (school) teaching Chu Gar and Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis in the hometown of Lao Sui. Chen Sifu is the leader of Chu Gar Clan #1 and the 5th generation in Lao Sui’s hometown, Huizhou.

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu

Behind the Scenes – 18 Buddha Hands

Speaking of old fashioned Mantis Men, someone recently said to me, “no one in the world has met more Hakka Mantis Sifu than you, RDH.” Well I guess that may be true and among them all, I can say that the loyalty and genuine sense of brother-friendship among Lam Sang’s personal disciples seems to me the strongest bond. Particularly, his first generation of disciples.

Hakka Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu

Behind the Scenes – Chu Gar Gao

That is Cheng Wan Sifu (hat) on a movie set with Stephen Chow and other Hong Kong movie stars! The book is intended to fulfill the wish of my late Chu Gar Sifu, Cheng Wan, to continue the true heritage of Chu Gar Gao. If you have ever been to Hong Kong or China and looked up Chu Gar, then you know what a character Cheng Wan Sifu was. He was a true cultural icon in Hong Kong. And a Standard of Chu Gar Mantis.