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Happy Holidays 2019!  Mantis Onward!

LIK & GING: Natural and Refined Strength

Lik (li) is the natural strength a man’s body possesses. It is his physical constitution and it varies from person to person. Sometimes a smaller person is naturally stronger than a larger person and sometimes the larger person is not naturally strong. In the case of one’s Lik (natural strength) size is not …

Hakka Mantis Boxing International Online Courses

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Good News! Hakka Mantis Boxing International Membership is growing. And new Courses are being added for this Autumn Twenty Eighteen.  New Courses like USA Kwongsai Mantis Sombogin 1st Generation Shadowboxing Form and the Sombogin Advanced Two Man Form.

Coming Next is CHU GAR MANTIS 12 COMBINATION HAND SKILLS. And USA SOMBOGIN 2nd Generation.  Enroll, Take a Course, and Train Daily Lessons. Enjoy and benefit from training Hakka Mantis Boxing today!  You have nothing to lose but your understanding of Hakka Southern Praying Mantis!

Hakka Mantis Boxing International Online Courses

RDH Interview 001, by Tyler Rea — A Southern Mantis Retrospective – July 28, 2018

There are many local Hakka Martial Arts here, such as, Li Gar, Li Jia, Bak Mei, Dragon, etc. They all share some similarity, but I can only speak for Hakka Mantis.  As a general rule, we can say that Hakka Mantis uses a ‘high horse’, rib cage power, and ‘ging’ coiled explosive force.  The correct horse is heel to toe.  The back is slightly raised, like a hunch back, while the chest is concave and sunk inward.  The force comes from the ground, up the legs, through the back, and out to the fingertips…