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Testimonies without Duress!

Anyone who has a heart and mind to learn and desires understanding will get more than they bargain for (with your RDH Courses) especially when they put the practice to it.  They can only gain true understanding if they train it…

Wow! … tons of info!  Nobody ever has done this kind of Research!  Amazing.

RDH Sifu – You are like a Mantis mathematician; a Mantis symphony composer.   One thing you said about Um Hon Form is that it uses both left and right and opposite hand attack/defense. The mentality and philosophy behind the form.  To use what you just said in Um Hon is what I would like to do…

…If people train, as you (step by step) instruct, and are not simply concerned with putting another form notch on their belt, they will develop a high level of proficiency. ESPECIALLY if they remember to train, as you have said, the different ways that different Hakka Mantis clans train their forms. I loved this (Dan Zhuang) form and the way you instruct. You make it understandable and simple enough to follow, and you also open the door enough on the “secrets” of the movements, to cause the seed to begin to grow and awareness to further manifest…

I truly BELIEVE what you (RDH) have done with bringing the branches together and your gaining deeper understanding cross generations a great achievement.  Your desire to transmit it, an even greater achievement.  Your getting it all in books and internet media, genius.  All of the hard work that you have put into getting it done, so freakin commendable and admirable …

Thumbs up, of course! It’s great that we can access, train and learn all of your teaching via the internet …

(RDH) Sifu, That’s a very beautiful video series.  The info was very good.  Clear and concise info – demo on first/second generation (clans), as well as Chu Gar comparison.  I have to say, I love Your Kungfu!…  

Just finished doing all 3 (Qigong) DVDs. Wasn’t feeling too well before but feeling much better after doing the DVDs. Excellent DVDs.  Thanks…

My compliments and commendation for the (RDH) ongoing efforts and contribution to the Chinese martial arts world ……..especially in the Hakka kung fu world. I have always admired you for your work and dedication and I am very proud to be your student.  I hope, somehow, I will be able to be of assistance to you and the spreading of the art…

Once again, I am taken back by all of the work you have put into the hakka-mantis.com site!  I am in awe of your history, hard work and dedication to SPM, and I know that the site, all of the connected sites, photos, videos, solid information, etc, is but the glaze, of the all the work that lies underneath. This has been and still is a huge (50+ year) undertaking that you journeyed alone...

Preserving the traditional methods via online (courses) or other media may feel like an insult to the art and its ancestors, but it is still better than the art being lost.  Too much has already gone to the grave....

You (RDH) speak on the things you do and have done, because of relationships you built (with the actual first and second generations of Hakka Mantis), not because of speculation or hear sayYou are a great person, a real Sifu, that has a rare dedication to kungfu. Most people are only flirting with martial arts…

I take your comments (and instruction), as if I am physically there in your class, in Pingshan, China!  Truly valuable information (and teachings) for Real Hakka Mantis Boxing...

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You cannot have a full understanding of Hakka Mantis, until you have gained an understanding and ability, of the Three Branches, One Root

Most people will be confined to learning one Branch, from one Clan, of Hakka Mantis, in their own local area, if lucky.

The ONLINE COURSES are HAKKA MANTIS – ONE ROOT – THREE BRANCHES – and a much broader than usual overview!

“3 Useful Skills are better than 10 Flowery Hands” – but, to gain one’s best ability, one shouldn’t limit his understanding.

You must study and train all the COURSES (Fundamentals – Advanced – Books), as they are available,
to gain a broad understanding and the big picture.

After you have trained all the COURSES, you can go back and concentrate / specialize on which skills suit you best, or suit your need.

You cannot have a full understanding of Hakka Mantis, until you have gained an understanding and ability,
of the Hakka Mantis Three Branches – One Root.

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